My major in Visual Communications focused on three areas of the creative arts: Film Making, Photography, and Graphic Design. Although photography is still a side hobby, film has become my most focused area in the Visual Communications space.  With the explosion of video demand for marketing coinciding with my move back to Hollywood, the majority of my work has been in the film editing arena.



My love of film and video work has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. In school we were tasked with producing, shooting, and directing the daily inter-school news broadcast.  Since then, I have worked in many different capacities in the film industry. I offer services including filming, editing, coloring, and concept design.

I’ve edited TV show sizzle reels, real estate marketing videos, music videos, YouTube spots, and dance videos.

Combining my love for dance, music, and film is at the forefront of my passion.  I’ve produced, directed, and edited two full length music videos for independent artists.  I’m currently working with dancers to create full production dance videos.

Please find examples of my work in the “Media” section of this site.


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